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Welcome to 86DRIVE.com.  We are a group of driving enthusiasts who primarily drive the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ sports cars (we’ll refer to them all as 86’s for simplicity’s sake).  The 86���s are great fun to modify, customize, and talk about.  There are plenty of car clubs who get together and hang out somewhere and just talk about their cars.  That’s all well and good, but the defining characteristic of our organization is that we love to DRIVE!  Whether it’s at the racetrack, the local autocross, or just our favorite twisty backroad, our passion is driving.  A passion so strong that we eagerly wake up before dawn to get out there and enjoy that clear open road.  So strong, we drive long distances to get to the track/autocross just for that few minutes of bliss.  Our passion motivates us to get together with other like-minded individuals, and share the fun. 

 And so, this website was born.  This site will be our communication channel to share news, upcoming events, and coverage of recent drives.  Please stay tuned for future updates, we are just getting started!

 What does it take to join us? Not much, really.  A little energy, a passion for driving, and enough commitment to get out of bed on that early weekend morning to come out and join us on one of our morning drives or meet with us from time to time.  If you want to help plan things or suggest ideas for events/drives, that’s awesome and we’d love to hear it.

 We have a community online at FT86Club.com and that’s where most of us come from.  You can  reach individual members there, and join in the DRIVE chat thread in the NorCal subforum! (It would be nice if you added our logo/link to your forum sig.)

Interested in joining our web design or content team, or have questions or suggestions for our site?  Contact us at info@86drive.com.




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  1. Brandon Most says:

    Just posted all of my Toyotafest photo fun. http://www.mostdesigns.com There are quite a few FR-S shots. As always you are welcome to use them as long as I get credit. I don’t watermark them currently, but if you want to use them with out providing a link to the site, please throw a little “Brandon Most” or “Most Designs.com” in the corner.