Skidpad Day at Thunderhill

Skidpad Day-7
Earlier this week a handful of us 86 enthusiasts got together at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA and rented the skidpad for a day. We chipped in about $150 per car and had the wide open asphalt lot all to ourselves for a good 8 hours and the freedom to set up whatever course we wanted with a stack of cones. To our pleasant surprise, the rental also included access to a portable building overlooking the skidpad — this would prove invaluable for us later in the day when the temps got hotter. Our friend Chris, who booked the track for us, set out a basic figure-8 course with 6 cones and did the honors of being the first to christen the track with his tire rubber.

Our friend Bryan, who recently sold his BRZ brought out his new daddy-mobile and toy, his bright blue Ford Focus RS. Hitting the Drift mode button on his console, he made it look so easy to screech and slide around the course. In our RWD 86s however, holding a drift without spinning out wildly proved to be a lot more difficult than it looks.

Skidpad Day-6

Our unofficial track photog and videographer Scott also came out to hang with us and take some shots of our antics. But we weren’t going to let him leave without having him do some donuts and drifts around the course too! Be sure to visit his site at where he will have more pictures from the day up soon.

Skidpad Day-15

In the meantime here are a handful of photos I shot in between sessions. It was a fun day of just messing around and pushing our cars to the limits and beyond in a safe controlled environment. None of us are drift experts just yet, but the event really gave us a good opportunity to experience what our cars feel like when you exceed the grip of your tires and we were able to play around with both understeer and oversteer situations. Wish it was a little bit cooler in the afternoon, but otherwise it was a great time and we’re already thinking about coming back and doing it again sometime in the fall or winter. If you have the chance to do a skidpad day I highly recommend trying it!

Some video I shot from my phone:

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