Product Review: Binko VS-GO Camera Stabilizer Stick Parts 1 & 2

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you got a bit of a break with an opportunity to get some rest, spend some time with your families, and maybe gearing up for the New Year. We had some time off and a new gadget to play with so we took the time to start a new video series where we will review the occasional product — sometimes it will be something to do with our cars or our driving, and sometimes maybe it will be something else totally different. Who knows, we’re going to play it by ear and see how it goes! This first episode we will be talking about something that is kind of relevant to what we do here at 86DRIVE — a little tool or gadget that just *might* help us make better videos using our hand-held smartphone or a GoPro camera. This could really help me out at car meets and track events where I am walking around trying to get some cool video footage of the sights and sounds. I happen to have pretty unsteady hands so it’s common for my handheld videos to be all shaky and jerky as I move around. This camera stabilizer stick from Binko, called the VS-GO, is meant to help with that. Check out our video below for a more in-depth look at what it is and what it does.

The VS-GO is sold on Amazon for $49.99. Here is a link for it if you would like to check it out: Binko VS-GO on Amazon

Part 2 of the review:

Check back later for more updates and impressions as we continue using the VS-GO. Please like and subscribe to us on our Youtube channel as well!



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