Photo coverage of 86DRIVE’s EOS2016 Celebration!


86DRIVE’s End of Summer (EOS2016) Celebration event recognizes and rewards our most active DRIVERS who join us all summer long for our 86DRIVE events, and also is a great excuse for the NorCal86 community to get together once more.

A big thank you to everyone who came out to our End of Summer meet. We had a great turnout! I hope those of you who joined the caravans from the South Bay and the East Bay enjoyed the group cruise to the Junction — this has been one of my favorite drives for quite some time. Thanks to Brian @PRKR8NGR for setting up the South Bay caravan. This event couldn’t be a success without all of you joining us out there on our 86DRIVES.

A huge shout out to the staff at The Junction Bar and Grill for being our hosts for this event, I know the line got crazy with all of us hitting the counter for lunch at the same time, but everyone I talked to seemed to really enjoy the food there and I am grateful for their hospitality.

Thank you also to Jonah @finch1750 and Jessie @MyRx86 who helped with pickup and transport of some of the raffle prizes we gave away. I could not have done this without the help and support of these long-time members and co-conspirators of 86DRIVE. Thanks to Josh @Pish also for helping me out with managing the prize lists and tracking the winners.

@PandaBRZ thanks for some great photos of the day. And I’m sure @Pwolf will post some great shots soon too. Anyone else who took pics please share as well!

I know quite a few of you who were drawn for a prize but didn’t feel like you were going to make good use of that prize, chose to forfeit that prize, and throw it back into the pot so that another 86 owner could win that prize and perhaps appreciate it more. That was an incredibly generous thing to do and reflects what a wonderful community we have. Thank you to those of you who did so in the hopes of benefitting someone else in the community.

Last but not least once again my gratitude to the generous vendors and supporters who donated these awesome prizes for our raffle. Their support of our community helps to make these events a success and I hope you will continue to support them in return if you have the opportunity:

Mann Engineering
The Racers Line
Ace Headers
Elite Performance
Scott Grasso Photography
Bay Area Auto Scene
The Junction Bar & Grill

Photos courtesy of my friend Brandon Most @ Visit his site for more great car event photos from throughout the Bay Area!
























Also, my short video from the East Bay caravan to the event:

For additional photos from other members who attended the event, visit the FT86Club forum event thread:

List of Raffle Prize winners:

Item # Description Winner

1 86DRIVE Mug Garland W
2 86DRIVE Mug Zoh
3 86DRIVE Mug Scott G
4 86DRIVE Mug Aathavan
5 86DRIVE T-Shirt Lewis L
6 86DRIVE T-Shirt Michael
7 86DRIVE T-Shirt Dracos
8 Scott Grasso 86CUP Photo Book Josh Harshmann
9 Quick Latch + Install ($200 value)
By The Racers Line Victor Ramos
10 Quick Latch + Install ($200 value)
By The Racers Line Trevor Parque
11 Whiteline $100 gift certificate courtesy of The Racers Line Dracos
12 Mann Engineering SS Brake Lines Bryan Lue
13 Mann Engineering SS Brake Lines Justin F
14 Mann Engineering lowering springs Steven M
15 Mann Engineering lowering springs Kenny
16 Mann Engineering lowering springs Tyrone
17 Elite performance alignment Trevor Parque
18 Elite performance alignment Garland W
19 Elite performance alignment Bryan F
20 Elite $100 credit for labor Tony E
21 Elite $100 credit for labor Nick Tran
22 Elite $150 credit towards purchase of Volk Racing wheels Plato
23 Elite $150 credit towards purchase of Volk Racing wheels Kenny
24 $500 discount off ACE Headers Charles
25 BAAS T-Shirt Ed C
26 BASS T-Shirt Edward
27 Mann Swag Daniel L
28 Mann Swag Curtis
29 Mann Swag Garland
30 Mann Swag Lewis

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