Photos from SPOCOM SF 2016 (Alameda Point)


The area now known as Alameda Point used to be Naval Air Station Alameda, an important military installation for the US Navy’s presence in the SF Bay Area. The place has special significance to me because my father worked there as an aircraft mechanic for about 15 years before NAS Alameda was shut down in the 1990s. I remember him bringing me to work a few times as a kid and I marveled at the sheer size and magnitude of the wide open spaces on the naval base, the gigantic hangars, and the magnificent jet aircraft housed within them. And just across the bay, the skyscrapers of the San Francisco city skyline kept watch over everything, seemingly so close you could touch them. Maybe it was nostalgia from days gone by, but everything seemed larger than life back then. Maybe there were compelling political, social, or economic reasons for shutting it all down, but I was sad when it closed its doors.


Fast forward to present day. Alameda Point now lives on as mostly private and commercial property housing various businesses. Many of the old hangars and buildings are still standing, and the massive aircraft runways still occupy most of the space. The aircraft, sadly are long gone. But thanks to SPOCOM having this year’s event there, at least for a day, we see the return of squadrons of sleek, beautiful machines to the area — albeit of the automotive kind. Fear not though, there were still plenty of wings to be seen. 😉


SPOCOM’s event essentially marks the end of the Bay Area’s car show season — other major shows like Autocon, HIN, BLOX, and Wekfest have already come and gone. You see a lot of familiar local cars at these events if you attend them all, and familiar faces. But each one is slightly different and you do get unique displays, attractions and competitors at each show to keep it interesting. Here at SPOCOM, the venue plays a big role in setting the atmosphere. The wide open concrete spaces and the the massive hangar buildings that loom nearby really set the tone for this outdoor event. And the City skyline, still constantly changing, sits in the background, as photogenic as ever. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay until sunset, which would have made some great visuals. But I was glad to have the opportunity to briefly come back to this place, with all its memories and all its promises of things to come.











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