Blox Evo3 – August 2016

2016 Blox Evo3 -130

2016 marked the 3rd summer that Blox Racing’s Evolution event has helped to redefine the automotive enthusiast lifestyle landscape. Once again the modified automobile extravaganza returned to the historic Pier 70 in San Francisco. We rolled into the show with our friend Jessie’s track-oriented Cusco 86 early in the day and got early access to the entire venue before the general admission gates opened. The layout of the show was a bit different from last year, with some interesting multi-level platforms and stairs in the main building allowing for some unique overhead photo opportunities, as well as ample space for vendors to showcase their wares and even offer a lounge for people to rest their feet and just relax for a bit. A row of food trucks lined up outside the building were ready to serve up their unique gastronomic offerings to the masses, and we made sure to grab some delicious grub early before the crowd showed up. Then it was back to walking the expansive show area where hundreds of cars sat glistening and gleaming in the warm sunshine. This was one of those shows where despite having several hours to wander the place, you just won’t be able to stop and admire every single car for what it is. You just have to make the rounds and see what catches your eye, and maybe talk to some of the owners here and there but it can be overwhelming to the point where you become a little numb to it all. My apologies to those who were overlooked, the photos I took only represent a fraction of the cars on display there.

2016 Blox Evo3 -59

2016 Blox Evo3 -49

2016 Blox Evo3 -24

2016 Blox Evo3 -10

2016 Blox Evo3 -120

2016 Blox Evo3 -44

2016 Blox Evo3 -39

2016 Blox Evo3 -66

2016 Blox Evo3 -74

2016 Blox Evo3 -106

2016 Blox Evo3 -101

2016 Blox Evo3 -21

Here is the official EVO3 movie from Blox and Satostudio for your viewing pleasure:

Also enjoy a short video I made from the event, sorry for fairly lousy quality and shaky footage.

The full photo gallery is below, click on a photo to enlarge.

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