NorCal86’s 86DAY Block Party at Mann Engineering – Photo coverage

2016 86DAY NorCal-24
August 6th has become an important day in the AE86 and FT86 communities. [8/6 = 86DAY, get it?] Similar to March 14th (Pie Day), or the significance of May 4th to Star Wars fans, August 6 gives us a chance to celebrate the 86 heritage and our passion for the 86 platform. The community finds a place to gather every year regardless of whether it falls on a weekday or not. Last year we had a huge turnout when we held it on a weeknight at a shopping plaza in Fremont, but the number of cars gathered became a concern. This year, with the special day falling on a weekend, the board members of NorCal86 sat down and thought about having something better organized this time, that would allow us to host a larger group in a public venue. We talked to our friends at Mann Engineering in Santa Clara, and found that it would be relatively simple to get a permit from the city to close off the street area around the Mann Engineering shop. That provided us plenty of space to have our car community get together, and Mann further sweetened the deal by opening up their shop to us and offering a discounted rate for dyno pulls and various parts discounts and raffles to keep things interesting. On top of that, we had the Rice Rockit food truck on site to serve up some delicious food and snacks!

2016 86DAY NorCal-89
Twelve BRZ and FRS owners filled up all the available slots for the dyno pulls and it made for a busy morning and afternoon of action as both naturally aspirated and forced induction cars went on the rollers in a bid for power supremacy. Our own BRZ was one of the 12, with some, ahem, unique exhaust tip modification so that it stood out from the crowd. If you’re curious to see how everyone made out on the MAHA dyno, check out the FT86CLUB discussion here.

2016 86DAY NorCal-27

2016 86DAY NorCal-17

2016 86DAY NorCal-18

2016 86DAY NorCal-63

2016 86DAY NorCal-99

2016 86DAY NorCal-10

2016 86DAY NorCal-73

2016 86DAY NorCal-38

2016 86DAY NorCal-40

2016 86DAY NorCal-58

Anyways we had a great turnout and I hope everyone had a great time meeting other car enthusiasts and checking each others’ cars out, as well as meeting the vendors and learning more about various cool products, and then watching the dyno pulls and winning some cool prizes in the raffles. Big thanks to Gary Liu at Mann Engineering for being our host and helping to coordinate all of the planning for this event. Enjoy more pictures from the event, in the gallery below.

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