MY2017 Subaru BRZ Product Information Leaked – Dyno Chart Inside!

The info is out! 120 pages of info on the MY2017 Subaru BRZ (and the Toyota 86 when it comes to mechanical changes).

I’m sure many people are looking for this the most. We knew there would be an extra 5hp but what would the curve look like and what about torque? It looks like there is about 5ft/lbs more and it comes both early and late in the RPM band but the dip is still there for the same range as MY12-16. HP looks the same with small gains early and up top. Combined with the 4.3 final drive the MY17 should be a bit more peppy then the current Zenki models.


To view all 120 pages follow this link: 17MY_BRZ_1

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