Voting polls now open for the 2016 NorCal86 Board Election


It’s election time! No, not that election. Maybe this one won’t have you rolling your eyes at the name-calling and duplicity that is rife in today’s American politics. It’s time to select the NorCal86 Board members for the 2016 term. These Board members will represent you, the owners and drivers of the NorCal86 community and do much of the hard work and planning that goes into upcoming events such as the Summer Kickoff and 8/6DAY. So if you haven’t already, please visit the forums today and check out the candidates’ statements before selecting 4 representatives who will serve for a 1 year term as the leaders of NorCal86. If you aren’t already registered on FT86CLUB it’s free and not difficult to do. Polls close on Wednesday at 6:10PM.

Congratulations also to incumbent and thus far undisputed club President, Jonah aka (Finch1750) who, since there were not any challengers, is chosen again automatically to continue on for another term as “El Presidente”. This will be his 3rd term as President. The President sits on the Board along with the other 4 chosen members and they work together to plan meets, offer NorCal86 merchandise (such as stickers and t-shirts), and oversee the finances of the club.


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