86DRIVE visits Buttonwillow Raceway (again)

I just came back from another fun-filled track day at Buttonwillow Raceway Park this past weekend, and after quickly sifting through some of the GoPro camera footage from the weekend, I realized that I still hadn’t finished editing and uploading the footage from the last visit to Buttonwillow, back in June for the joint NorCal/SoCal 86CUP time attack event.  We had an excellent turnout for that event, which made for a great set of video footage of passing and getting passed by countless FRS’s and BRZ’s.  Well I turned my attention to that and finished up the collage so here it is for all to enjoy, Buttonwillow is such a great track it might become my favorite track to drive.  It’s challenging and entertaining, yet feels safe enough that you can push your car to its limits and not feel too risky.


And you know what, I’m not one to make you wait for the more recent video, not when it’s ready and available to watch, so here you go!  A quick video summary of this past weekend’s Buttonwillow adventures with SpeedVentures.  My first time running with this track day  organization and I have to say, they do a good job running their events too.  This was also my first time out on track with the new Tein SRC coil over suspension on the BRZ, I was very pleased with how the car felt and performed though it will still take some getting used to.  Big thanks to Gary, Eric and Jessie at Elite Performance in Burlingame for help with the suspension setup and alignment, and thanks to GT Radial for the Champiro SX2 tires and to Sam at Cusco/Winmax for more setup advice!  Looking forward to doing more track days with this setup, and more visits to Buttonwillow!



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