September 2015 Blackhawk Cars & Coffee

Blackhawk C&C Sept 2015-36

This month’s Blackhawk Cars & Coffee event fell on Labor Day Weekend. A good sized group of us met at a nearby Starbucks at about 7AM and drove in together. The turnout was not as great as past months I’d been there for, but still it was a good show with lots of interesting cars. Something for everyone, from a small flock of gull-winged Delorean DMC-12s to a long row full of the new Mustangs. And classic Nissan roadsters, near fresh-off-the-dealer-lot Ferraris. I didn’t snap that many photos but here are a sampling of what was to be seen there at Blackhawk this month. Afterwards a small group of us went for a short but fun drive in the local hills and that was a lot of fun too!

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