Mark your calendars for 86DAY 2015


NorCal86DAY05Once a year we get to come together and celebrate our cars and their heritage. That day is August 6 or better known as 86DAY! Last year we had over 86 cars come out to celebrate and we hope to have that many or more again this year. It is a casual meet so come and go whenever you like. Stop by to say hi and check out the cars, go grab some food at one of the restaurants nearby, or hang with us all night.

For the SF Bay Area, the main meet will be held in Fremont, at the same location we had it last year:

The Habit Burger Grill (Fremont, CA)
43830 Pacific Commons Blvd, Fremont, California 94538
Meet starts at 7:30PM and runs until approx. 10PM.

Here is a map to show you where we will be parking:
The Block Fremont Parking

There are several restaurants right by the meeting spot: The Habit Burger, Blaze Pizza, The Kebab Shop, Boneheads, and Which Wich. Buffalo Wild Wings is also nearby. There are also a ton of other restaurants in a 3-block radius. To minimize congestion I’d suggest you all latch on to your 4-5 closest 86 buddies (or newly made friends) and go grab dinner when convenient, with the number of folks we expect to show, it will be unrealistic to think we will all be able to go sit at a table somewhere together, so eat where you want and reconvene in the parking lot.

One more note. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it. Please no obnoxious revving, burnouts, or other obnoxious behavior. We’re trying not to be THAT kind of crowd. If you want to act like a fool do it somewhere else and don’t ruin it for us. Please be mature, show respect, it’s a day about community not showing off your lack of judgment. If you’re going to invite others along we expect they will obey these rules and respect everyone also. Thank you!!!!

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