86CUP Rounds 5-6 at Buttonwillow


This past weekend we made the 3-hour trek down to Buttonwillow Raceway for Rounds 5-6 of the NorCal 86CUP time attack series. It was a long drive, but it was worth it. Buttonwillow is a really fun track! It’s technical and challenging but also allows you to push your car to the limits relatively safely, with lots of flat terrain and plenty of runoff space when you push a little too hard.

The big downside of its location however, is the incredible heat out there in the Central Valley. This kind of heat is not good for drivers or their cars:


Everyone was doing everything they could to prevent their cars or their bodies from overheating. That said I was very pleased at how well my car held up to the challenging conditions this past weekend. I am still learning how to drive faster and learning a new track was also a challenge, but I was very pleased to do as well as I did out there. After riding along with a more experienced friend who showed me some lines and suggested approaches to the Buttonwillow course, I was able to turn out a lap time of 2:12.7 … not the fastest by any means but I exceeded my own (humble) expectations. Here is video of my best lap:

86CUP returns to Buttonwillow again in September, but the next NorCal 86CUP event will be at Thunderhill East the weekend of August 8-9. For more information on upcoming 86CUP events or the time attack series in general, please visit our 86CUP page.


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