Announcing 86DRIVE’s SummerDRIVES 2015

86GirlsDRIVE-1The SummerDRIVES season is officially underway, hopefully many of you have already earned a STAR or two from the Summer Kickoff event, or the group drive we did to the Blackhawk Cars and Coffee earlier this month. If not, be sure to come out to one of our upcoming 86DRIVE events and ask for an 86DRIVE card! Keep it and remember to bring it to all of our events. You earn STARS by participating in our 86DRIVE events throughout the summer.

What are the STARS for, you ask? At the end of the summer we will have our End of Summer BBQ Party and we will have raffle prizes to give away. Each STAR you have collected, earns you 1 raffle ticket! And the only way to collect the STARS is to participate in an 86DRIVE-approved event. This is our way to encourage everybody to come out, DRIVE, and have fun all summer long!


Yes, participation in the SummerDRIVES STARS program is FREE – it’s our way of rewarding you for participating in our 86DRIVE events and most importantly, having you DRIVE your car. That is what our club is all about.

Remember to bring your 86DRIVE card to our events! Write your name on the card (either real name or your screen name) so we know it’s yours.
What are the 86DRIVE-approved events? Well we haven’t completely determined our schedule for the full summer, but here are some of the things that will be eligible to earn a STAR for, between June 1, 2015 and September 7, 2015:
– Any official 86DRIVE event such as a weekend drive, or meets such as Cars & Coffee (these will be announced here)
– Any 86CUP time attack event, or any track day, or any drift day at a local CA racetrack such as Thunderhill, Laguna Seca, or Sonoma.
– Any local autocross event that is sanctioned by a recognized motorsports group, such as SCCA, AAS, SpeedSF, PCA, Lotus club, etc.

If an 86DRIVE leader is not available at one of these events to give you a STAR at the time of the event, please show proof of participation the next time you see an 86DRIVE leader at an event, and they will see that you get your STAR.

86DRIVE aims to promote fun but safe driving. We do not condone or encourage risky driving behavior on public streets or highways, and if we see you engaging in dangerous or illegal activity at one of our events, or behave inappropriately, we reserve the right to: 1) restrict access to or ask you to leave the 86DRIVE event, and 2) cancel your participation or ability to earn STARS for an 86DRIVE event, and/or any future events.

We are always looking for vendors or sponsors who are willing to contribute prizes or giveaways, big or small, to help reward our members for their participation. If you are a shop, business, vendor, dealership, or service that would like to help us out and get some promotion in return, please contact us! You can reach us by email at


Upcoming 86DRIVE events:

June 27-28   86CUP Time Attack Rounds 5 & 6 at Buttonwillow Raceway

June 27-28   Sacramento SCCA Autocross Rounds 5 & 6 at Stockton, CA

July 3   86DRIVE Independence Day weekend DRIVE – Redwood Rd to Treasure Island

July 5   86DRIVE Cruise to Blackhawk Cars & Coffee

More events to come soon, come back to our website here at for more information and updates.


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