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We’ve been going to Blox Racing’s Open House meets for a few years now. Headquartered in Fremont, CA, the annual Open House meets hosted by Blox were on a scale unheard of for any kind of public meet — entire parking lots and city streets occupied by modified cars of all kinds, with vendor booths, models, and food trucks. And you know what the best part was — it was free! But with success comes a price, and it was only a matter of time before it got too big and couldn’t be sustainable in its open and free-to-attend form. So last year Blox found a new venue in San Francisco and Blox Evolution was born. It became a pay-to-attend event but upped the ante in terms of the quality of the displays, activities, and the overall show experience. I didn’t attend last year’s event, but it was a big success. And so that lead to where we are now, with Blox hosting its second annual meet at the same San Francisco location, dubbed Evo2. It promised to bring everything that went well the previous year and add even more. And you know what, it did not disappoint in that regard. Cars galore, of all sorts of make and model, and modified in infinitely various ways. Vendor booths and displays with raffles, giveaways and beautiful display cars. Talented DJs playing the beats and songs that provided the perfect background for the scene. Sexy models with smiles to melt your heart and dancers with the moves to keep your attention all day long. Racing simulators to test your skill and allow you to experience some of the latest and greatest computer gear. A small RC car track that challenged RC racers to be the fastest driver around (in miniature scale). And an artistic competition that pitted street artists against one another in a live performance that thoroughly impressed, and a b-boy dance competition that wowed the crowds. Did I mention the 9 or 10 food trucks offering delicious food all day long?

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All that said, I had not planned to go to this event, as I didn’t think it was my kind of scene. But an opportunity came up when fellow 86DRIVER Jessie Sito got his hands on the Cusco USA FR-S racecar and invited me along as his guest. A big thanks to Jessie and to Cusco USA for the chance to experience this show, up close and personal. It started with an early morning as we met up with our friend Fei-Long who was also showing his 86. Both cars had earned the prestigious honor of being featured as part of the Scion display near the main stage, but that meant bringing our cars in by 8AM. The show officially didn’t start until 1PM!

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When we arrived at the entrance to Pier 70 a little before 8AM, there was already a line of cars waiting to enter. But thanks to our Scion featured car credentials, one of the Blox event staff led us around the waiting cars and through a back entrance to the main building where we would be displayed. After backing our car into our allotted spots (backing in is a must in the car-show scene you know!), we were free to wander around the premises as more and more cars continued to flow in and be positioned to fill the entire warehouse. It was a wondrous spectacle, and we had basically unfettered access to watch and photograph everything as it all came together. Vendors and car show participants set up their tents, polished their cars, and wandered around checking out the scene just like we did. If you were following us on Instagram (@86drive) you were able to follow along with us as we shared a few photos and videos along the way.

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Outside the main building, a massive lot was also starting to fill up. I spent a few minutes watching as more of the show cars continued to roll in.

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At the Scion area near the main stage we also got to take a closer look at two of the new cars Scion is offering, the iA and iM. Both are very cool new cars with a lot of features and I think they will sell well.

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So many cars, so much going on. I think I will just let the photos speak for themselves now.

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At the end of the day… it was trophy time for the car show winners. There were so many awards given I did not pay attention to all of them, but the winner of the overall Best in Show category deserves some special mention. The prized belt went to the owner of a wildly modified VW Beetle, which amongst other things has extensive exterior and interior mods and a built and tuned 1.8T engine that allegedly makes 800HP. Just crazy in every respect.

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A big thanks to all the Blox and facilities staff who worked hard to make this event a success. It was a long day for all of us who had to arrive early and stay until the finish.

And we’ve still got even more photos!
Check out our full photo gallery from Blox Racing’s Evolution 2 car show this past weekend, below.

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