Photos from Blackhawk Cars and Coffee – June 2015


The Blackhawk Cars and Coffee show has grown into one of the largest and most varied cars and coffee gatherings in the Bay Area. I went to the Blackhawk C&C for the first time in May, but I got there late and to my disbelief, the entire shopping center was filled with cars for the show. I had to park in a distant lot and hike back over to the main parking lot. I ran into some friends there and actually spent the rest of the morning chatting with them, with the result of taking almost no photos that day. I vowed to return and take more photos the next time.  So this month I rounded up a few 86DRIVE members and we met up bright and early, grabbed some donuts and coffee, and had a short group drive to Blackhawk so we could all roll in and park together at the show.  Those who rolled in with us earned another STAR for their 86DRIVE cards, and are another step closer to winning some cool raffle prizes at the end of the summer by simply participating in our events!  More information about the SummerDRIVES schedule and more chances to earn STARS will be coming soon in a future post.  But let’s get back to the Blackhawk show.


I never thought I’d say it, but after seeing the incredible variety of classic, exotic, muscle and vintage cars on display, I felt a little jaded, like the show had ruined me for any other car gathering. Where else can you see 4 Delorean DMC-12s parked in one lot, just a few rows away from countless Ferraris and Aston Martins? And row after row of Corvettes, Mustangs, and Camaros. For the import and foreign car fans, plenty of Alfa Romeos, Lotuses, Datsuns, and Jaguars as well. The best feeling I got from attending this car show though, was this: nearly every car there was actually driven there. Sure, you can go inside the Blackhawk Auto Museum and see some impressively immaculate cars as part of a static display, but nothing beats the sound, smell, and sight of some of these beautiful machines as they pulled in or rolled out of the parking lot. I couldn’t possibly take photos of every car that was there, but here is a small sampling of what caught my eye as I wandered around.




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