Auto-X Season Has Begun with Sac SCCA at Mather Airfield

This past weekend FRS and BRZ owners from Stockton and the greater Sacramento area descended upon Mather Airfield for the opening rounds of the Sacramento SCCA year. Mather Airfield is a stop twice a year, being much longer than the courses at the Stockton Fairgrounds. While there are some nice patches of grippy concrete they are intermixed with loose asphalt making a very tricky course thanks to grip changes at corner entry and exit in various turns. While a few twins are running a full season fighting for the STX crown most of us come out for fun and to work on improving our skills only a few times a year. Our coverage is of the morning groups Sunday which featured CS and SM classes (sorry STX, we were too hungry to wait for group 4 to run, lol)

I am in desperate need of new front tires but didn’t want to sit out and miss Mather so I was lucky enough to snag a codrive with a SM prepped (read STX prepped running E85) FRS.


Since last year Daniel, the car’s owner, added an intake, tune, wider wheels, better tires, and coilovers. Since this was an entirely new car for him and I was dealing with an extra pedal I thought it would be a fun little competition to see if I could best him in his own car. Due to the event’s popularity (due in part to SFR SCCA canceling their Marina event and people driving to Sac instead) we only managed 3 runs instead of 4. The course was long with 2 turns making or breaking peoples runs. Our first runs was feeling out the course and deciding we needed to lower the PSI in the front wheel to help combat understeer. Having only 3 runs each it helped that we were codriving as it gave more feedback for us to work with in our shortened time. We both managed to make it into the 59 sec. range with Daniel putting up a 59.075 on his 3rd and final run. My best leading up to that point was a 59.5xx so I was very hopeful of getting into the since I knew I was overdriving the car into the 2 crucial turns. I got up to the first turn and went buttery smooth in the entry and middle; and that’s when I felt it. The power cut. I had left traction control on. I finished the course one hand drifting trying to turn it off and took some cones with me for a 60.3xx. No beating Daniel in his own car this time. This was all inconsequential as the top times we in both CS and STX, but we all had fun competing within our own little group and worrying about bettering our own times as the day went on.

It was a great time for all, even if I may have been pissed at myself for leaving TC on. I loved feeling the power and planted feel of a much more STX prepped car. I am happy with my car on springs and only a cat-back, but not sure how much longer I can auto-x knowing what I am leaving on the table.

Check out some of the action below with shots from our resident 86Drive photographer Scott Grasso.

IMG_4722 IMG_4690 IMG_4682 IMG_4675 IMG_4666 IMG_4656 IMG_4650 IMG_4639 IMG_4626 IMG_4560 IMG_4516 IMG_4507 IMG_4404 IMG_4374 IMG_4369 IMG_4360 IMG_4331 IMG_4341

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