Dublin Meet’NGreet Feb 2015

2015-2-13 Dublin MNG-21

The monthly Dublin Meet ‘N Greet took place last night at our usual spot, Dublin Toyota.  The turnout was pretty amazing this month, with a pretty large contingent of our brethren from Sacramento86 rolling out to join us.  The crowd was predominantly 86s but we also had a number of other cars join us including a few Lexuses, some BMWs, and a whole pack of Genesis Coupes.  It was a feel-good kind of night and everyone was pretty chill and friendly, checking out each other’s cars and having fun.

2015-2-13 Dublin MNG-43

We did make a few announcements to the community about the upcoming elections. The inaugural year-long term for the NorCal86 Board is about to end, and so we will be holding reelections soon for the President and the Board. If you would like to offer your thoughts, ideas, or even better you want to get involved, please join the discussion over in the NorCal forum on FT86CLUB: http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82039

In any event by the last week of February we will hold elections, so please be sure to visit the forums and see what the candidates will have to say and help shape the future of our NorCal 86 community, as well as upcoming major events like the Summer Kickoff.

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