86CUP Round 12


Happy New Year from the 86DRIVE crew! Sorry for the delay in getting this story out, my vacation to Las Vegas kept me occupied for a few days. But I’m back and we’ve got some great tales of track adventures and good times to share.


For the last round of NorCal’s 86CUP time attack series, drivers from all over California converged on the world-famous Laguna Seca racetrack. Caravans of cars coming from San Francisco, the East Bay, and South Bay all made their way down to the Monterey Peninsula for some racing fun. Groups of drivers hailing from the Southern California region also came up to race with us, including Mike Kang from CounterSpace Garage and some of the folks from FRSport.com. Alex, one of the guys from SoCal, made arrangements to rent out the pit row garages and a good number of us took him up on the offer to share some of the garage spaces. Thanks again Alex for making that possible, what an honor and a thrill to be able to use the same garage bays that countless great racing teams and drivers have used over the years here.


We had a great day out on the track, although we did have a few setbacks. A few of us had some scary spins but fortunately nobody in our group was hurt and everyone went home safe with their cars intact. We also had some issues with timing and scoring due to damage at the track caused by the recent rain storms that pummeled the region. As a result competitors did not get any timing results from this round and the 2014 championship winners were announced at the end of the day, based on the points earned all season long up to the previous Round 11.

At the end of the day NCRC was kind enough to let us drive out as a group onto the track and take some group photos. What a rare and awesome opportunity for us, and we have some incredible shots and memories that will stay with us for a long time. We also had some great prizes donated by 86CUP series sponsors CounterSpace Garage, LPI Racing, and Mann Engineering. Thanks to these sponsors for their generosity and to NCRC for being our track hosts for these events. And a big kudos and thanks to our friend Jessie (MyRx) who along with Mike Kang from CSG helped set up the 86CUP series and administrates the NorCal division of the competition series.



After the race day was over, we went out for a delicious celebratory pizza dinner at the nearby Pizza Factory. Stories were told, laughs were had, and everyone had a good time.

Here is a collage of some random video clips I took during the day.

And here is some on-track driving footage.

Laguna Seca is notoriously hard on brakes, and I could tell by the end of the day that my brakes had taken a beating. I had checked my pads before the event and thought I had enough pad thickness to get through the day, but I guess I was wrong. I could hear horrible grinding sounds every time I applied the brakes on the way out of the raceway and all the way home.
Here’s what my brake pads looked like after I returned home. The rotor on one side looks pretty roughed up so I will have to see if they can be resurfaced. In the meantime I switched back to the stock pads and rotors … it will be nice to have a quiet braking setup for a little while haha.


Gallery – click on a photo to expand and start a slideshow.

Additional photos taken by Scott “Pwolf” Grasso, our official NorCal86 photog:

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