Coverage of Norcal86’s 2014 Toy DRIVE hosted by SpeedElement


After nearly a whole week of rain, last Saturday morning we found a lucky break in the weather as the sun came out through the clouds and the streets began to dry. Car enthusiasts of every kind came out to stop by NorCal86’s 2nd Annual ToyDRIVE benefitting the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital of Oakland.  Well-known local tuning shop SpeedElement Performance was our gracious host and brought out their ever-popular RatchetBunny FR-S for all to see.  We also saw a number of other incredible cars on display, some of which were featured as show cars at SEMA in Las Vegas or at the San Francisco Auto Salon.  On top of that the TasteeBytes food truck was on site serving up some delicious food that we couldn’t stop eating!  I swear, I bought the bavarian creme-filled churritos with the intention of sharing them, but I ate every last one myself.  Sorry guys, but I do recommend them!

Selfish gastronomic indulgences aside, the primary point of this gathering was to collect toys for the Children’s Hospital, and our friends and fellow enthusiasts did not disappoint, coming out with generous armloads and bags full of toys to donate to our cause.  A long table quickly became filled with toys and games and it was questionable whether NorCal86’s President, Jonah was going to be able to fit all of them in his FR-S as he had planned.  At the time of writing this we do not yet have a total toy count, but I am certain that we exceeded the total from last year, which was over 250 toys and items donated.  With a little help and expert cargo management, we did get everything into Jonah’s car.

UPDATE 12/16: Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting a good cause. I have tallied all the donations and we gathered 186 toys for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital of Oakland.  I greatly appreciate the effort and am truely grateful we have such a giving community. When combined with the  ToyDRIVE co-hosted with Sac86, NorCal86 gathered 333 toys which is a 30% increase over donations from last year!  I am looking forward to next year and improving our events to help benefit even more young boys and girls with your help. – Jonah “Finch” Salerno


Big thanks to Jonah for setting up the Annual ToyDRIVE meet and to Devin at SpeedElement for being our gracious host.  Shout out to the TasteeBytes food truck for delicious nomz as well!  And of course a huge thank you to everyone who came out to show off their cars, support our cause and donated so generously to our ToyDRIVE.  Without your help this simply couldn’t have been possible!  Enjoy the rest of our photo gallery below, and also check out some other photos that we took and shared during the event on our Instagram account:

By the way, in case you are bummed that you missed this toy drive and car show, or you are still craving more automotive awesomeness and are still in the generous spirit, there’s another car show and toy drive meet this coming Saturday in Milpitas!  Our friends at AutoRND and Tuner Galleria are holding another event at the Disciple Church from 1-4 PM.  It’s open to all cars and all people, so please consider stopping by and bringing a toy or two to benefit the Salvation Army at their event too.  We’ll be there as well, to take photos and hang out with the community!  Visit our ToyDRIVE page for more info or stop by the Tuner Galleria event page on FaceBook to RSVP.

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