BRZ Owners — Upgrade your Fujitsu Ten Navi units with Speedcam data!

Early last year I realized there was an interesting feature hidden away in the standard BRZ OEM radio/navigation unit (US model):

Did you know you can add alert points to the Navi, save them, and receive audible or visual alerts when you approach those points? There are a number of alert types to choose from, from things like hospitals to dangerous areas you know about. There are even alerts for traffic cameras (red light cameras) and speed cameras/speed traps. When I first saw this in the settings I got excited because I thought the Navi already had such locations stored in some database and it was just a question of turning the alert on. By default the alerts are Off and when you turn them On, it gives you a warning that using the feature might be illegal in some areas etc and are you sure. Which got my hopes up that it had some of this data already stored. But I have driven past some known and established cameras in my city and it had no indication at all. So I think the system is there for you to use but you have to program in the alert items you know of and then turn on the alert function. There’s some interesting settings you can mess with, the conditions for whether or not it gives a warning as you approach, and a speed limit above which it triggers the alert, that sort of thing …

Initially we thought it was just a neat little feature that didn’t really serve much purpose, as it was going to be a pain to enter all those alerts manually and individually for your local area. But it looks like someone has figured out a way to import existing traffic/speed camera data by simply copying the data onto your Navi’s SD card. Big thanks to user dinoniel on FT86CLUB for sharing this info with me.

1. With car off eject SD card (alternatively if you want the radio on while you do this for some reason go through the menu and eject the SD card properly don’t just pop it out).

2. (Optional but recommended) Make a back up of your SD card. I used disk utility on a mac to make an image of the card. You can also use the HDD Raw copy tool that is on the link, I would not be able to help you as I did not need it.

3. Download the file here: usa june 2013 speedcams (If you are in the US of course). This is a zip which when unzipped makes a folder called “speedcam”

4. Rename your speedcam folder on your SD card to “speedcam_OLD” (navigation/content/speedcam) and copy the one you downloaded to this content folder.

5. To enable. Go to Map>Menu>More>Settings>Sounds and Warnings> (scroll down) Alert point settings (tick box) and enable alert types

For further information on this “hack”, please read this link where the information was originally found:

dinoniel was nice enough to send me the zip file, so I’m hosting the speedcams file on this site, here is the direct link:

usa june 2013 speedcams

Be sure to back up the data before doing anything to your SD card, to be safe! Good luck and happy driving!

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