Photos from our Sept. 14 Pescadero DRIVE

I love the drive to Pescadero for two reasons. One, the stretch of Hwy 84 between Alice’s Restaurant and Pescadero Creek Rd is arguably one of the most enjoyable roads to drive in the Bay Area, with its smooth asphalt and wonderfully twisty curves. And two, the country bakery in Pescadero sells these fantastic bear claw pastries that are humongous yet only cost $2. So I gladly wake up early and head out westward when we have a Pescadero DRIVE planned. We had a good sized group of 86s for this run, but we also welcomed a few other non-86 vehicles to explore the backroads with us and I think everyone had a great time. I love introducing people to new roads, new places, and amazing food finds — this little weekend journey made it a triple win for us! Enjoy the pictures.

Pescadero-DRIVE-1 Pescadero-DRIVE-2 Pescadero-DRIVE-3 Pescadero-DRIVE-4 Pescadero-DRIVE-5 Pescadero-DRIVE-6 Pescadero-DRIVE-7 Pescadero-DRIVE-8

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