Photos from BAM 2014


This was my first time attending the big annual Subaru Bay Area Meet (BAM). It was an impressive gathering of Subarus at the Quarry Lakes park in Fremont, CA. Without a doubt the Impreza WRXs and STIs dominated the scene, but it was nice to see a variety of other Subaru models at this meet. There were of course BRZs (and FR-S’s), Outbacks, Legacys, and even the short-lived Saab 92-X that was essentially a rebadged Subaru. We got there later in the day but were able to purchase a few raffle tickets before the drawing started. Proceeds from the raffle are donated to a local charity, Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services. Some of the raffle winners came away with some amazingly generous prizes, all of which were donated by the event’s vendors and sponsors. Prizes included car parts, engine tuning, and a fully built engine block that were given away. So there was a lot of excitement and energy at the raffle drawing to say the least. After the raffle was over, Finch and I took up a spot in chairs near the front of the parking lot and watched all the cars roll out. I look forward to attending more BAM events in the future!

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