86DRIVE and 86 Girls Meet this coming Saturday!


This coming Saturday we have another drive and meet combo planned … so be sure to set your alarm clocks and come out to hang with us! We’ll be tackling the twisty and curvy roads of Mt. Hamilton and then reconvening over at Eastridge Mall in San Jose for an old-fashioned car meet. Don’t miss it, it’s going to be a fun day.

Oh — I just wanted to mention something — the drive before the meet is totally optional and if you are not comfortable driving on narrow and twisty mountain roads, it’s perfectly ok to just join us at the meet at Eastridge Mall, at 11.

I don’t normally discourage people from joining us, but this particular road, might just be … Dun dun dun… the SECOND MOST DANGEROUS ROAD IN CALIFORNIA.

If you have concerns about:
-tire rubbing or ability to turn your steering full lock
-scraping or bottoming out
-reliability of your tires or brakes
-nausea or motion sickness
-getting rock chips or other cosmetic damage

then you might be better off just meeting up with us at the Mall.

Note, however, the 86DRIVE Stars will only be given out to those who join us on the drive — and safely complete the drive.

Thank you, drive safely.

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