Photos and videos from EDGE Motorworks’ Cars & Coffee meet

EDGE Meet-10

EDGE Motorworks invited the NorCal86 community to stop by their shop in Mountain View, CA this past weekend to enjoy some free doughnuts, coffee, and talk cars. Naturally we couldn’t resist the offer of free pastries and even set up a morning drive to warm our tires before we stopped in at EDGE.

Video from our morning DRIVE:

Video from the EDGE Motorworks Cars & Coffee Meet:

Also here are some photos from the meet.

Later in the day a number of us also went to the BAIC/i-club Bay Area Subaru Meet, aka BAM. Come back for some photo coverage of that event coming soon as well!

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One comment on “Photos and videos from EDGE Motorworks’ Cars & Coffee meet
  1. Jessie says:

    Thanks everyone that came. Edge and I had concerns that it was just going to be a handful of us but in true stride from this community, more than expected appeared. Thanks again!!

    Edge is one of those rare shops who’s owner/management influences his techs to be in the know, in the community. Not only are their techs active in motorsports but also their owner gets behind the wheel of their BRZ to learn and push the car’s limits. Having 2 shops in the Bay Area, they can cover our needs more efficiently. Living in the east bay, their Dublin store has helped me out of a bind on more than one occasion – most memorable is when an install went wrong and I limped the car to Dublin Edge at 6pm. To my surprise and free of charge, they put the FR-S on the lift and 2 techs fixed it just right. No gripe, no BSing me, no “come back tomorrow – we’re closed”, just straight up owner and techs that wanted me back on the road ASAP, properly.