Photos from today’s DRIVE

This morning a handful of 86DRIVE enthusiasts gathered in Livermore, CA and we embarked on what almost always amounts to an epic journey into the middle of nowhere, driving on the twisty backroads of Mines Rd and up and over Mt. Hamilton into San Jose.  Along the way we stopped at the Lick Observatory near the peak of the mountain and I managed to snap a few photos during our break.

Aug 16 2014 Lick-Obs-group-1 Aug 16 2014 Lick-Obs-group-2 Aug 16 2014 Lick-Obs-group-3 Aug 16 2014 Lick-Obs-group-4 Aug 16 2014 Lick-Obs-group-5

UPDATE:  Also here is a short video from the drive.



If you’re kicking yourself wishing you could have joined us for this fun drive, be sure to keep an eye on our Events Calendar for upcoming opportunities.  In particular we will be making the ascent to Mt. Hamilton again at the 86 Girls and 86DRIVE Combo Meet that is set for August 30.

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