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On Wednesday night 86/BRZ/FR-S owners gathered from all over Northern California in order to celebrate August 6, a newly created “holiday” that we call 86DAY. On 86DAY we celebrate the 86 brand, heritage and the community. NorCal86 and 86DRIVE teamed up with the folks over at 86DAY.org to help spread the word about the event as well as coordinate with other regional clubs all over the world to be able to celebrate as one combined international effort. Although I brought my camera with me, I ended up not pulling it out of the bag, and was only able to snap a few photos using my camera phone. I spent most of the evening going around talking to so many of the proud 86 owners, many of them for whom this was their very first time coming out to a meet. Part of the advantages of having a community like this is being able to look at, share and discuss all the many modifications that are possible for our wonderful cars, and I know many of us spent a good part of the evening answering questions about what we had done and what we would recommend for some of the newer owners who had just begun down the modifications path. Time well spent I think and I would prefer talking to fellow owners over taking photos any day. Near the end of the event we had a few small prizes to raffle off and a few owners scored some cool giveaways.  In any event I was fortunate enough that others were there who also took some photos and shared them with us. If you have more photos to share please send them or drop us a message at info@86drive.com!

NorCal86DAY01 NorCal86DAY02 NorCal86DAY03 NorCal86DAY04  NorCal86DAY06 NorCal86DAY07 NorCal86DAY08 NorCal86DAY13 2


Some more photos courtesy of Mark and Melissa Campos (M&M_Hwy9):

MM_86Day 1 MM_86Day 2 MM_86Day 3 MM_86Day 4 MM_86Day 5



Also we have this video by FUN BRZ to give you a glimpse into what you missed if you didn’t go to this phenomenal meet!

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