Design sketch for our Summer 2014 86DRIVE T-Shirt!

If you’re a regular to our meets and DRIVES you’ve probably seen some of our loyal members sporting the spiffy 86DRIVE t-shirts — these were available in limited quantities in summer and fall 2013. To commemorate our second summer of fun and friendly DRIVES, we’re going to do another run of shirts, with a new and unique design. I started sketching this idea I had last weekend, and while it’s still a little rough I think it’s good enough to get the idea across.

So here is my new design idea:

What do you think? It carries on the 3-cars theme from the 86DRIVE logo, with 3 cars in front profile view, doing the 3 things we love to do most: Street (aka canyon carving), Track day (aka time attack), and AutoX (aka dodging cones). As you probably know, 86DRIVE’s main passion is about DRIVING, not standing around having meets in parking lots and looking under each others hoods (although we certainly do spend a good amount of time doing that too!). So I think this logo helps capture that and express, in 3 simple images, what we are about. My thinking is that this design might go on the front or back of the t-shirt, and then the traditional 3-cars logo design will be on the other side.

I would appreciate any feedback you might have, let me know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, offers to help re-draw it even better, I want to hear it all!

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