86DRIVE coverage from SCION Racing and BLOX Racing’s Drifting Exhibition in Lake Tahoe

This week a select few SCION FR-S owners and I were invited to join SCION Racing and BLOX Racing at a private drifting exhibition event in North Lake Tahoe. It was a rare opportunity to see, up close and personal, the SCION Racing Team Formula D drift cars of Fredric Aasbø and Ken Gushi as well as meet the drivers themselves.
They put on a fantastic demonstration of their cars’ abilities and their precision drifting skills, and I must say it was a very intense experience. Pictures and videos just couldn’t convey how incredible it was to be there seeing it in person — the loud roars and pops of the high-strung engines and exhausts, the huge clouds of tire smoke generated as they slid and screeched across the parking lot, coming within feet of me and my camera. The visceral feel of air, exhaust and tiny rubber particles flying off the back of the cars and into your face, your clothes, the plate of food you’re holding. The once pristine-looking parking lot was just completely covered with tire marks by the time they had finished.
I’ve never been to a Formula D event but I have to think the level of exposure we had, the degree of intimacy that we experienced being able to meet and talk to the drivers, get up close and check out their amazing SCION FR-S and SCION tC race cars, would be difficult to beat. It was in essence the equivalent of a VIP pass into the SCION Racing paddock and really, an opportunity of a lifetime for the average automobile/drifting fan.
The show/shop cars of local NorCal tuning powerhouses BLOX Racing and Speed Element were also present and on display, as well as the new supercharger-equipped FR-S from Jackson Racing and it was fantastic to be able to also get a good look at these cars in a semi-private environment without the huge crowds that you’d typically see at a regular car show.
A big thank-you and shout out to Mike @ BLOX Racing and Oscar Jackson, Jr. @ Jackson Racing for thinking of inviting us, the NorCal SCION FR-S community, to be a part of this event and letting us show our cars in the parking area as well. Also a shout out to Devin and the Speed Element crew, it was fun hanging out with you guys and just chatting.
Last but not least, huge thanks to SCION, SCION Racing, Greddy Racing, Papadakis Racing, and drivers Ken Gushi and Fredric Aasbø for making this event possible and putting on such a fantastic event, something I think that many of us will be talking about for a long time to come.
One last parting shot, as I drove back down from Tahoe towards home, with a big grin on my face.

Enjoy the full gallery of photos below! And there will be video coverage coming as well.

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