Meng Motorsports Meet at LeMans Karting


To celebrate their 5 year anniversary, this past weekend local speed shop Meng Motorsports held a car show and meet at LeMans Karting in Fremont, CA. Despite the strong prospect of rain, it was a very good turnout for this car show, with an estimated 140 cars taking part in the show and even more spectators who parked outside the show area. Several folks from the NorCal 86 community met up with me at the nearby Walmart so we could roll in a little early and park together. I managed to get around the whole show area and take some photos just before the rain arrived in an enthusiastic downpour, causing all the people to head hastily for the nearest tree, canopy or building for cover.


Armed with an umbrella, I and a few others from the 86 crew also took advantage of the opportunity to hit up the Rice-Rockit food truck when the line was at its shortest. Although I would have appreciated a slightly larger portion, their teriyaki loco moco rice plate was pretty much on point and made my tummy warm and happy. I suppose that is the secret to success — always leave them wanting more. Although they were offering specials on the karting action and I had even brought my helmet, I ended up not getting any racing in that day. I guess I already got my speed fix from the 86CUP track day at Thunderhill the previous weekend. I was content to hang out with the rest of the crew and take in the views of so many highly modded and cherished cars for most of the afternoon. Notwithstanding the wet weather, a very good day for car enthusiasts and Meng Motorsports. Special thanks to Tony, Ryan, and the rest of the Meng Motorsports crew for having us!



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