Our Livermore 86CUP Meet – Hosted by LPI Racing


This past Saturday, we invited 86s/BRZs/FR-S’s from all over Northern California to join us at LPI Racing in Livermore, CA to enjoy some sunshine (along with some shade), admire one another’s cars, and take on some twisty roads together.  It was also an opportunity for 86DRIVE co-founder MyRx to share some more details about the exciting plans to bring the 86CUP Time Attack racing series to Northern California, with the help of the Northern California Racing Club (NCRC).  The NorCal 86CUP Time Attack series is based on the same ruleset that is being used by the 86CUP series taking place down in SoCal, allowing amateur 86 drivers to take part with their cars, in different racing classes such as Stock, Street, or Modified depending on the amount of modifications done to your car.  For more information about the NorCal 86CUP series, check out the discussion at FT86CLUB.com.  Our inaugural 86CUP event is on March 22 at Thunderhill Raceway, and the event is already full, but be sure to check out the other dates coming up — you can see the full schedule in the link above, or check our 86DRIVE Events calendar.

It was fantastic to see so many people come out and join us for the meet and the drive — so many unique and diverse cars now in our growing community.  It was tough balancing the time spent chatting with fellow owners/drivers, and still getting around to take photos of the sights.  But hopefully these photos will give those who missed out a glimpse into what fun we had.  I’ll hopefully also have some video from our drive on Mines Rd, up for viewing soon. [Video is now up! See below -PM]

Big thanks to Monty and Steve from LPI Racing for inviting us to their shop and letting us stage our meet in their parking lot. Don’t forget, they have an ongoing discount on certain racing supplies, safety gear and parts for 86DRIVE members — just call or drop by their shop and mention our name ’86DRIVE’.  They’ve also given 86DRIVE members an invitation to join one of their private track day events coming up in June, at Laguna Seca.  They expect the cost to be about $350 for the day with lots of track time and smaller groups.  Be sure to like LPI Racing on Facebook in order to follow them and see further announcements as the date approaches.

And thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support, especially those of you who helped us raise funds for 86DRIVE by purchasing some of the goodies we had on hand … desirable Hot Wheels cars, some books, DVDs and magazines of interest, or our shirts and decals. Proceeds will go back to the community for future events and endeavors.

OK, on with the show!  And as always be sure to check our Events page for more upcoming meets and drives.



Video from the drive, now available!

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