(Tires) Singing in the Rain!

Despite it being a wet and rainy weekend a few of us 86 DRIVErs still wanted to go out and hit some curves this morning — no rain would dampen our driving spirit! We met up in San Jose and took a short little route up into the hills. We were blessed with a brief lull in the rain and the roads were actually tolerably dry for a good portion of the drive. Then we pulled into a nearby Starbucks and chatted some more about driving and our cars. Amusingly most of our participants were in BRZs today, with only 1 FRS leading the way.

Afterwards one of the other drivers and I ventured north on Calaveras and then Niles Canyon Rd to head home. Even more fun driving was had of course. Along the way we encountered a long train of maybe 15 or so Mazda 3s, out on their own driving adventure. I gave them a friendly wave, since the BRZ also has a happy smile on its front bumper like the Mazdas I wonder if they thought we were one of them for a second. 😀

Thanks to San Jose local LT for suggesting we go out for a drive this weekend. He snapped some fantastic photos too, visit his photo site to view them:

UPDATE: Also check out video from the drive, as seen from Dennis (Doggieboy09)’s car!

and another video from Ethan (Auzburner) using his dash cam. Some interesting stuff to see at the end!

Remember to keep an eye out on the NorCal DRIVE thread on FT86Club for future DRIVE announcements, or check our Events Calendar to stay up to date on events. For instance we’ve got an SCCA AutoX at Oakland Coliseum tomorrow and also for the Central Cali/Fresno folks, a meet planned for tomorrow afternoon! Have fun and drive safe out there.

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