Meets this week, and Remembering Paul Walker


No doubt many of you auto enthusiasts have already heard about the untimely death of actor and fellow auto enthusiast Paul Walker.  His friend and racing team partner Roger Rodas was also killed in the auto crash.  They had been participating in a charity event near the scene of the crash. The community has lost two wonderful members of the community and our hearts go out to their family and friends.
RIP Paul and Roger.

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Several car groups and organizations are holding car meets this week — some of them specifically to honor Paul Walker, and others are simply “regular” car meets, but I feel like even such meets honor and memorialize the kind of life and culture that Paul Walker and the characters he played represent. He was a bright point of light and shared the same passions many of us do. I’m sure he would want us to continue doing what both he and we love to do. So we’ve tried to keep up to date with the details for many of these meets on our Events calendar, please check there for updates and information. Please let us know if you have more details about an event and want us to include it on our calendar.

One last thought: if you do participate in one of these car meets, or plan your own — please honor Paul and Roger in the best way possible, by showing your passion and respect in a positive way. Drive safe, respect others, and cherish the ones you love.

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