Our Nov. 3 Laguna Seca Track Day was a success!


On Sunday, Nov. 3, DRIVERS from all over California gathered together at the world-famous Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca near Monterey, CA. NCRC was the organizer for this track day and ran a pretty fantastic event. Many of us woke well before dawn to drive down to our designated meeting spots and caravan together over to the race track. It was an impressive sight though seeing so many of us rolling together into the raceway paddock.  And in addition to those of us who were driving on the track that day, we also had several other folks who came to visit with us and catch a ride along with some of us.

For many of the group it was their first time out on this track and I am sure it was a memorable day for everyone.  The big smiles on everyone’s faces as they came back from each on-track session was priceless.  I had a great time giving several passengers some thrills taking them around the road course and was happy to see that my new tires and suspension upgrades did make a great improvement and it showed with my lower track times since my last track day here in May.  My upgraded brakes also took a pounding yet worked flawlessly and it was a bit eye-opening to see that they were smoking hot when I returned to the paddock after a spirited session.  The weather was near perfect, not too hot but still sunny and warm.  It did cool down towards the end of the day but most people had finished their driving at that point and were ready to call it a day.  I too took heed of my fatigue and everyone else’s advice, and decided to skip the last session and instead packed up and headed home a little earlier.  It was a long day for all of us, since many of us had been up since about 4AM.  I sure did sleep well that night!

Big thanks to NCRC for putting on another great track day.  And huge thanks to garfull who connected us with his friend/coworker Alex with the beautiful white Datsun 240Z, and his family who graciously shared their food, water, and shade with us under the tents!  Another thank you goes out to fellow BRZ owner Adam (AyJay) who brought out his extremely fast track-prepped S2000 and took many of our members out for some scary fast laps and helped share tips and advice with our drivers.  Same to Kevin (SW20kosh) for also taking people out for rides in his supercharged black demon.  Shout out to Sandy (BRZkitty) and bf Matt who brought and shared bottled water with us and Ed (RC51ed) for bringing ice and helping me out with my car throughout the day.

I’ve got to admit that I was more focused on my car and my driving for most of the day, and didn’t take too many photos. Sorry about that, perhaps some of the others will have taken some better pics. I’ll share here the ones that I did take using my phone camera.  And I did take some video with my GoPro, though my luck/skill with it seems to continue to be hit or miss.  I kept forgetting to turn it out when we went out on track.  🙁  I’ll look through what I did get and hopefully post that up here soon as well.









Oh and one last bonus image — in case you were wondering how much I was pushing it, here is a cool visual, generated using Harry’s Lap Timer for the iPhone.  This is G-force data recorded from my fastest lap of the day.  The red curves indicate where I was going in excess of 0.9 G laterally.



Some of us guys are well and truly hooked on this adrenaline rush — we’re already talking about doing another track day soon!  Haha so stay tuned for future track day announcements… 😉


Here are some track day videos, the first two are from me in the BRZ.

Then here is a video by Chris (overlookedx) from his BRZ:

One lap riding along with Kevin SW20kosh in his supercharged FR-S – listen to that sweet whine! :

In-car with garfull’s FR-S:



here are a few photos that Sandy (BRZkitty) and Bryan (BigFatFlip) shared with us! Thanks guys!

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