86DRIVE Takes on Laguna Seca on Nov. 3!


This Sunday, Nov. 3 a group of 86DRIVE drivers will be headed down to world-famous Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca for some exhilarating track-day action!  Unfortunately registration to participate on track is already full but there are a number of folks who will be coming down just to hang out, watch the action from the sidelines, or even hop aboard some of the cars for a thrilling ride on-track!  Bring your helmet, a folding chair, a jacket and some sunscreen and get set for fun with us.

We’ll be joining up at a few different spots in the Bay Area and heading down to the racetrack early Sunday morning.  Here are some meeting points if you’d like to join us:

5:15AM – East Bay:  Meet at Starbucks in Hayward.  245 W Jackson St, Hayward, CA ‎

6:00AM – South Bay:  Meet at McDonalds in San Jose.  105 Bernal Rd, San Jose, CA 95119

7:00AM – Salinas: Brief Stop at Blanco Shell in Salinas for gas and snacks.   1300 South Main Street, Salinas, CA 93901

7:15AM – Arrive and park in paddock at MRLS.

First drivers’ meetings start at 8AM and the first cars go out on track at 9AM.  Solo group (the group most of us will be running in) has driver’s meeting at 9AM and another at 10:20AM after our first sessions.

20 Minute track sessions will continue on until 5:00 PM.  So if you are just watching or bumming rides you don’t need to arrive early, you can drop in anytime.

Thanks to BigFatFlip for the reminder — “this Sunday is also end of daylight savings, so remember to set your clocks back an hour before going to bed Sat. Maybe waking up at 4am won’t be so bad after all.”


Hope to see you there!


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