Our October Featured Car – PMok’s BRZ

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This month’s featured car should be a very familiar sight to the 86DRIVE community — it’s my very own Subaru BRZ and a constant fixture at our local drives.  It’s this month’s feature for two very simple reasons — one, I’m been feeling too lazy to scout and shoot someone else’s car this month.  And two, it’s my car’s birthday this month now being a year old, so being the October featured car is like my present to it!  🙂
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I’ve nicknamed my car Stitch after the Disney character because he’s blue and has a big smile.  Despite the World Rally Blue color being a popular color for the BRZ, the color has been fairly rare at our local meets and drives.  Since the color is unique to the Subaru model and not available on the Scions, a lot of the FR-S owners admire it and it definitely attracts attention.  Still, from time to time another WRB car will show up and so of course I had to do some cosmetic mods to make my car unique and distinguished from the rest.  A few simple and inexpensive mods like plastidip racing stripes, a few stickers and vinyl add-ons, and a custom license plate did the trick.  A Five Axis Design duckbill spoiler completes the rear deck, and a second set of tail lights is out getting painted red to polish off the rear end visuals.
Oct2013 PMok-1
The overall theme for this car is to achieve decent performance and yet still retain functionality on a modest budget.  The primary purpose of the car is to be a fun weekend car to take on the local canyon back roads with the 86DRIVE crew, but it will also occasionally serve as a commuter.  It’s not a show car, it’s intended to be driven and deliver smiles to the driver’s face, but it should still look good.   In order to achieve such a well-rounded balance, you actually don’t want to change too much of the car.  For that, my wallet is grateful.  I was concerned that lowering the car too much would upset the handling on the often bumpy and uneven surfaces we frequently see on the twisty Bay Area backroads, as well as make driving over bumps and steep driveways a pain, but the Eiback Pro-Kit springs are delivering the right balance of performance, looks and practicality.  Although it was fun and ideally suited for the roads we frequent, after a year it was time to lose the OEM wheel and tire setup and move up to something better.  The wheel and tire upgrades I got at AutoRnD provided just what the car needed — dramatically increased grip and performance without any detrimental weight gain.  Beyond that, most of the mods were brake and suspension related to improve both the reliability and stability of the car.
Oct2013 PMok-28
Well I won’t get into any of the other details here but feel free to ask me if you have any questions about any of the mods listed below.  I’d like to think where the car is now represents a very typical “mild” modded car for someone that’s on a budget and not pouring tons of money into the car — these mods were done slowly over the course of a year and I think the gradual evolution of the car has kept things interesting and fun.  A large part of the auto enthusiast’s world is getting to know your car and making small improvements here and there to keep the ownership experience engaging.
Oct2013 PMok-6
So what’s next in terms of mods for Stitch?  Not too much more I think, I feel like the car is in a pretty good spot where it is currently — time to just take it out and enjoy driving it.  Unless I win the lottery I will probably not pursue any forced-induction power mods.  Next up in terms of upgrades will probably be either an ECU tune or further exhaust upgrades to squeeze out a little more power.
Oct2013 PMok-21
Thanks for reading, enjoy the photos! (you’ll find many more, below)

Mods List
Enkei Raijin wheels, 18×8.5 +45 (symmetrical) + center caps from Enkei Kojin wheels
Federal 595 RS-R tires, 225/40ZR-18
Muteki black lug nuts
Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs
Subaru OEM crash bolts for front suspension camber adjustment
4-wheel alignment by AutoRnD
GrimmSpeed front strut tower brace
GrimmSpeed hood struts
GrimmSpeed brake master cylinder brace
GrimmSpeed front tow hook license plate mount
aFe drop-in air filter
Kartboy lightweight crank pulley
Moddiction stainless steel Anvil 2 shift knob w/ engraved 6-speed pattern
Whiteline positive shift kit bushing
Fumoto F108 oil drain valve
Berk Technologies catless test pipe
DC Sports exhaust tips
Motul 660RBF brake fluid
Carbotech XP8 racing brake pads (front)
Goodridge brake speed bleeders
Motul 300 Gear Oil 75W90 for differential
Redline MT90 transmission oil
Five Axis Design rear deck spoiler
Llumar CTX nano-ceramic window tint (15% rear 30% doors)
3M clear bra (front bumper)
RAM Mounts X-grip suction cup mount for cell phones
Front side marker smoked vinyls by BlueBatmobile
Front lower lip flat black vinyl by VinylStyles
Plastidipped door stripes
Assorted stickers and vinyl accents
Black 86 center console plaque by 86_ZN6
Red painted taillights by NorCal_Guy (in progress)


Thanks and shout out to AutoRnD, BlueBatmobile, Carson Toyota, CounterSpaceGarage, Heuberger Motors, LPI Racing, RJ Paint Shop.
Special thanks to 86DRIVE members MyRx, Overlookedx, and RC51ed for their technical support and assistance.
Words/Photos by PMok


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