Photos from our Last DRIVE of the Summer

Last Summer DRIVE - 14 Well hope everyone is enjoying the long Labor Day Weekend.  A pretty large group of us (I didn’t stop to count but it was probably around 18 cars) met up this morning in Los Gatos and fellow 86DRIVEr cjymiller (Chris) took us around and showed us some of the local back road twisties.  Good fun roads that I certainly didn’t know about, and we had some new recruits join us this time so combined with the fair amount of traffic on this very busy weekend, it was generally more of a cruise and less of a spirited drive most of the way.  We still had fun though!  A highlight along the way was a stop at Gizdich Ranch, a farm that specializes in delicious fruit pies.  Pies were bought, pie slices were eaten, smiles were everywhere.  It was a good day!  Except for a few unlucky members who picked up tickets from the local authorities on their way to the meet up.  Sorry about that guys, you’ve got to be careful out there.  As I led a group down from Hayward I was definitely keeping it at a relaxed pace, knowing we were highly visible as a group (a lot of red, white and blue cars together haha!).


ok, I admit that last photo is just a dramatic reenactment.  There is a parked former police car (it looks abandoned) that I pass by every day, and I just couldn’t resist parking in front of it and doing a few photos just for fun.  But no doubt many of you have been in that kind of situation before and yeah, it’s not fun when it’s the real deal… be smart, be safe out there!


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