Photos: NorCal MR2 Annual Meet at Half Moon Bay


The NorCal MR2 Owner’s Club hosted their annual meet this past weekend at Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, CA. I currently own a 3rd gen Toyota MR2 Spyder (aka MR-S or chassis code ZZW30) which is in many ways a predecessor and cousin to the 86/FR-S/BRZ. So I split my canyon carving and recreational driving activities between the MR-S and the BRZ. I also used to own a 2nd gen MR2 Turbo (chassis code SW20) and have always loved the MR2 platform. Naturally I was very gung ho about attending the annual MR2 meet and even encouraged my fellow 86DRIVE folks to come out to this meet; we recently had a joint MR2/86 meet to celebrate Aug. 6 (8/6 DAY) so we felt it would be cool to come and visit with the MR2 family some more. All while making sure we didn’t overshadow or upstage the MR2s with a fleet of 86s to steal the spotlight. 😉

Anyways it was a fun day of cars, sun and some good seafood at the harbor. There were lots of cool raffle prizes and I feel like almost everyone went home with something cool, even the non-MR2 owner attendees. And big thank you to principal sponsor Princeton Seafood who hosted the event at Pillar Point Harbor and let us use their large parking lot area, as well as gave us discount coupons to use at their restaurant. Perhaps we will work with them in the future to host 86DRIVE meets there as well. Enjoy some of the photos I took at the event.




And there’s even more coverage over at the official MR2 Annual meet site:

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