Well the voters spoke and the Saturday Sept. 28th date won the election by a landslide!

Join us at noon on the 28th at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Dublin, CA for some fun, wings and winning. PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION CHANGE TO DUBLIN BWW! There is a better parking setup there for us.

HOW TO ENTER IN THE RAFFLE. The main raffle is for 86DRIVE participants only, you earn stars by participating in our DRIVE events throughout the summer. Remember to bring your 86DRIVE card with the stars you have collected to the party. Each regular star is worth 1 raffle ticket. If you have a special event star from attending either 86EXPO or 86FEST and checking in with me there, then these special event stars are worth 2 tickets! Write your name on the card (either real name or your screen name) so we know it’s yours. If for some reason you are not able to attend the raffle party, we still want you to have a chance to win, so here’s how you enter. In the official raffle party thread on FT86CLUB.com, please post up a snapshot of your card, clearly showing your name and the stars on the backside of the card. If you do that before noon on Sept 27th, the day before the raffle party, then you will be entered in the raffle in absentia and still be eligible for the raffle drawings.

Didn’t participate in any DRIVEs and didn’t earn any stars?  There will be a few raffle prizes that are up for grabs by anyone who attends the raffle party regardless of stars collected*.  You must attend the party to be eligible for these prizes.

Also this is just for fun, to win a prize in addition to the raffle:

For those of you who post up pics of your card w/ stars, try and be creative. See my example below. Best/coolest/funniest photo (keep it clean folks!) showing the card, your name, and stars clearly will also win a prize. We will select the winner of this by popular vote at the party, everyone who attends can vote on that. Here is mine as an example.

Link to the raffle party thread on FT86CLUB. Please RSVP there!


Meet Location:

Buffalo Wild Wings buffalowildwings.com
3712 Dublin Blvd
Dublin, CA ‎

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11:30-12:00PM Arrive and Park (get there early for best parking!), Meet and Greet
1:00PM Move group into the restaurant to be seated; distribute raffle tix
1:30PM Our first raffle prizes given away
2:30PM Grand Prize giveaways
3:00PM back to the parking lot
3:30PM Group Drive/Cruise (optional)


Additional contest rules:

* Each driver who brings a car to the meet is entitled to one General Raffle ticket. Passengers who are guests of members etc. will not receive a ticket. Grand prize raffle tickets will only be given to members who present their 86DRIVE card with at least one star on the back of the card. Each regular star is worth 1 raffle ticket. If you have a special event star from attending either 86EXPO or 86FEST then these special event stars are worth 2 tickets.

We have I believe 5 grand prizes, each of which is worth more than $300 value. To be fair to everyone, if you win one of the grand prizes you are automatically exempted from winning any other grand prizes (unless you are present and wish to refuse a prize in return for continuing in the drawings).

Example: So let’s say you have 5 raffle tix in the grand drawing and you win grand prize #1. You can either take prize #1 and you’re done, or you can refuse it and continue on for drawings #2-5. If you accepted prize #1 and then get drawn again for grand prize #2, we will discard your ticket and draw again until we pick a different winner.

Contest prizes are given away as promotional gifts donated by other members and 86DRIVE provides no express or implied warranties for the gifts. 86DRIVE and its members, agents, associates or affiliates do not assume any responsibility for any possible damage or injury that might occur as a result of participating in this promotional event or by using any of the promotional gifts. 86DRIVE may use photos, videos or audio recordings of participants in this event for promotional purposes. By participating in the event and accepting these prizes you agree to these rules.

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