Are you ready for some winning? A sneak peek at the coming raffle prizes

Remember folks, you have until this Saturday to vote and help us decide when to hold our 86DRIVE End of Summer Raffle Party.  Go back to the home page to see the poll and vote which days you’d prefer to have it!

Well at the many meets and drives I’ve had a lot of people curious about what prizes we could be giving away at this raffle.  I’ve been keeping quiet about it until now, but I think it’s finally time we reveal some of our hand and show you some of the cool prizes you could be going home with!


86drive-glass Well we’ll start it off with a few warmup prizes, nothing too grand but still something cool you will be happy to go home with.  We’ll have some NorCal 86 DRIVE logo gear to give away, like a trucker hat, and some drinking glasses.


newshirt-back Next up we have a newly created item, our limited edition Fall 2013 t-shirt designed by RC51Ed and me! These won’t be available anywhere else but from us, so you will have some very exclusive bragging rights.





But you need something for your car, you say. No problem we got you covered with this BLOX Racing shift knob, which is modeled after the OEM FR-S knob but machined from aluminum for a sleek and stylish look and feel!










More concerned about sprucing up the exterior of your car instead? Then keep your fingers crossed that you might win this next prize, generously donated by local vendor Massdrop, a brand new Carsmo rear deck lid spoiler! The spoiler comes unpainted but is primered; it’ll be up to you to get it painted and installed.


OK well I hope that got your attention and now you’re all excited about attending this raffle party! Remember, only people who participated in our DRIVE events and earned a star on their 86DRIVE card are eligible for the raffle! If you haven’t earned any stars you’re still welcome to the party, but you’ll be cheering for our loyal participants who will take home the best prizes.

Oh wait, there’s one more prize I forgot to mention. Something to get you boxer engine enthusiasts what you’ve been craving… that boxer rumble. YES! That’s right folks we will be giving away one free BORLA UEL header!  Very generously donated to us by fellow 86DRIVE member mkivsoopra (Garland). ** Note there are a few caveats that go with this header, not the least of which is, the part is not CARB-legal and is for “off-road” use only in CA.  😉


OK, right now if you are not an active 86DRIVE member with a card full of stars,  you are probably thinking, man I am missing out, what can I do to get in on this action?  Well the answer is simple, you need to start coming out to the 86DRIVE events and go on a DRIVE with us.  Showing up to a meet doesn’t earn you a star, participating in the DRIVE is what earns you a star.  We will have at least one more star-earning DRIVE this month so come on out and cruise with us!  It isn’t just a way to get eligible for a raffle ticket, it’s also a heck of a lot of fun driving the fantastic roads that we like to play on.

Stay tuned for further announcements!  There may be even more sweet prizes to give away, but it’s going to be a great time at Buffalo Wild Wings San Ramon, regardless of whether you win any of these great items.  So remember to vote on the party date, and we’ll see you on a DRIVE.

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