Initial D Reunion 2 Meet

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This past weekend 86DRIVE held a short meet-and-drive up from Castro Valley through Redwood Rd and Pinehurst Rd to the Lafayette Reservoir where the 2nd Initial D Reunion Meet was taking place. Fans of the Initial D series gathered to admire or show off some great cars, including several replicas of the character cars from the series. So of course there was an abundance of old-school AE86s, as well as numerous RX-7s, Subarus, old-school 240Zs and even a few Supras, MR2s and Celica GT-4. And of course we took care of bringing plenty of representatives of the new generation of 86, the sparkly new Scion FR-S’s and Subaru BRZ’s. It was a beautiful day out at the park, and with the calm blue waters of the reservoir shimmering in the background, for a moment there you could actually believe you were standing on the shores of the fictional Lake Akina.

Check out the slideshow below of all the photos from the event!  Or click on it to view the album.
pmok_mr2's 2013-07-27 Initial D Reunion 2 album on Photobucket
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