Photos from the Intel Car Show

86DRIVE at Intel and a few other members were given the honor of being invited to participate in the annual Intel Car Show which is held on the Intel campus in Santa Clara right by their main building. NorCal members Sheena and Derek brought their cars to be featured at the show, and we even ran into several other FR-S and BRZ owners who happened to be Intel employees too so that was a pleasant suprise. The show mostly features the cars of Intel employees so it was a very interesting and diverse collection of vehicles.  We also got a chance to visit the Intel Museum and learn a little about how computer chips get made, very cool stuff.  Here are some of the many photos we took there for your viewing enjoyment.


 photo DSC_4377_zps8cbd5c1b.jpg  photo DSC_4379_zps5bea51d7.jpg  photo DSC_4381_zps55e06c94.jpg

 photo DSC_4388_zpsb64b2dc1.jpg  photo DSC_4389_zpsce79c8ec.jpg  photo DSC_4391_zpsaa5b4dd0.jpg

 photo DSC_4394_zpsc58229b1.jpg

 photo DSC_4396_zps538010a1.jpg  photo DSC_4398_zps3e7f648e.jpg  photo DSC_4399_zps4032d8a0.jpg

 photo DSC_4403_zps3db6a3de.jpg  photo DSC_4406_zpsdd99ac2a.jpg  photo DSC_4408_zps0f91db0d.jpg

 photo DSC_4412_zpsad7b6730.jpg  photo DSC_4416_zpsfc63f279.jpg  photo DSC_4418_zpsc5ddd233.jpg

 photo DSC_4420_zps7e9b70d1.jpg

 photo DSC_4421_zps1931d753.jpg  photo DSC_4419_zps0b606cba.jpg  photo DSC_4422_zps176cc903.jpg

 photo DSC_4425_zps34067533.jpg  photo DSC_4426_zpsb7c5c408.jpg  photo DSC_4427_zpsd7f2abfc.jpg

 photo DSC_4429_zpsffc8c761.jpg  photo DSC_4430_zps721705a6.jpg  photo DSC_4431_zpsa3c85294.jpg

 photo DSC_4434_zps0407d16d.jpg  photo DSC_4435_zps2921807b.jpg  photo DSC_4436_zps71dc5294.jpg

 photo DSC_4438_zpsf0ab017c.jpg  photo DSC_4442_zps4af8e68b.jpg  photo DSC_4443_zpse6d68ecd.jpg

 photo DSC_4446_zpscb543207.jpg  photo DSC_4449_zps9f59a149.jpg  photo DSC_4452_zps367c7778.jpg

 photo DSC_4453_zps17a071d8.jpg

 photo DSC_4455_zps5b72d70d.jpg  photo DSC_4456_zps12e0a248.jpg  photo DSC_4458_zpsd4ecb349.jpg

 photo DSC_4460_zps110daef8.jpg  photo DSC_4465_zpsc2643e5d.jpg  photo DSC_4466_zps868183eb.jpg

 photo DSC_4468_zpse3bd71ae.jpg  photo DSC_4469_zps6c379a41.jpg  photo DSC_4470_zps06ffab7f.jpg

 photo DSC_4471_zpse8cca7e0.jpg

 photo DSC_4476_zps6810b977.jpg  photo DSC_4480_zps35db694a.jpg  photo DSC_4481_zps37c793ba.jpg

 photo DSC_4485_zps28f3446f.jpg

 photo DSC_4486_zpsea672eba.jpg  photo DSC_4487_zps1c785956.jpg  photo DSC_4488_zpsf2f6fd88.jpg




And if that somehow wasn’t enough photos for you, visit the full Photobucket album for even more.

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