BLOX Racing Open House 2013

This weekend also included a massive annual meet at BLOX Racing’s headquarters in Fremont, known as BLOX Racing Open House.  I went last year as well and knew that it was going to be a pretty huge event.  Lots of show cars, highly modded cars, and even the occasional drift or race car featured.  Not to mention music, live entertainment, models, and food trucks.  And free schwag being given away as well as lots of vendors there.  Anyways there were a lot of cars there and I didn’t really have time to check each and every car out.  So I zeroed in on cars that caught my eye or that I have a particular fondness for.  Here are some of my photos.


 photo DSC_4182_zps9ec10b25.jpg  photo DSC_4187_zps94af31bc.jpg  photo DSC_4190_zpsd1481278.jpg

 photo DSC_4176_zpsb874dc37.jpg  photo DSC_4177_zps36fe33ae.jpg  photo DSC_4175_zps0f3ec4b2.jpg

 photo DSC_4173_zps86d91d55.jpg  photo DSC_4171_zpsa94ae133.jpg  photo DSC_4169_zps8094c183.jpg

 photo DSC_4167_zps0d7be3cc.jpg  photo DSC_4165_zpse2c4c14d.jpg  photo DSC_4164_zps36b61985.jpg

 photo DSC_4163_zps699c8bfd.jpg  photo DSC_4162_zpscc4985dd.jpg  photo DSC_4160_zps44b95e82.jpg

 photo DSC_4159_zps70be8102.jpg  photo DSC_4158_zps8927bd4f.jpg  photo DSC_4156_zps8688e624.jpg

 photo DSC_4152_zps3975eb77.jpg  photo DSC_4148_zpsccb16bd8.jpg  photo DSC_4147_zpsfc175554.jpg

 photo DSC_4144_zpsc4961881.jpg  photo DSC_4143_zps5eec6e0b.jpg  photo DSC_4141_zps15eaa9d2.jpg

 photo DSC_4138_zpsd3a53701.jpg  photo DSC_4145_zps791511f9.jpg  photo DSC_4179_zps7e982864.jpg



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pmok_mr2's 2013-07-13 BLOX Racing Open House album on Photobucket
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