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Initial D Reunion 2 Meet

This past weekend 86DRIVE held a short meet-and-drive up from Castro Valley through Redwood Rd and Pinehurst Rd to the Lafayette Reservoir where the 2nd Initial D Reunion Meet was taking place. Fans of the Initial D series gathered to

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Photos from the Intel Car Show and a few other members were given the honor of being invited to participate in the annual Intel Car Show which is held on the Intel campus in Santa Clara right by their main building. NorCal members Sheena and

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First Track Day at Thunderhill

This past Sunday, July 21st, I finally did it. All this talk about not finding the time, not having the money, all the excuses became moot because I finally took part in a track day. I decided to do my

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Oakland BBQ Pictures!

Our FT86CLUB NorCal 86 Owners Club BBQ yesterday at the Port of Oakland was a huge success!   I think I counted 16 cars together when I was there, and I heard a few more rolled in after I had

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Fun plans this weekend July 19-21!

  There’s so much to see and do this weekend!  If you didn’t have plans already, you do now!  Come join us in Oakland on Saturday for a little BBQ get together at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.  Be sure to

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We’re going social!

That’s right, we’re diving headfirst into the social media pool.  If you’re on Facebook, be sure to like us so you can get event updates and news directly from there, and if you’re on Instagram follow us, our name is

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Sunday DRIVE: Palomares Rd to Sunol

Here’s a few photos from our Sunday meet up and drive. A short but scenic drive down from Castro Valley to Sunol via the always fun Palomares Rd and then Niles Canyon. We stopped at the Sunol Super gas station

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BLOX Racing Open House 2013

This weekend also included a massive annual meet at BLOX Racing’s headquarters in Fremont, known as BLOX Racing Open House.  I went last year as well and knew that it was going to be a pretty huge event.  Lots of

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What a Busy Weekend! Photos galore

The summer season has kicked into high gear this weekend with a lot of great activities. Here’s a quick overview! On Friday I went up to Thunderhill Raceway for a track day with the Northern California Racing Club.  NCRC puts

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July 2013 Mt. Hamilton – Photos and Video from last weekend’s DRIVE

We had yet another fun and scenic 86DRIVE event this past weekend, starting from Livermore and taking Mines Rd to the back side of Mt. Hamilton and to the Lick Observatory at the peak. A few first timers joined us

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