Photos from our June 22 Marin DRIVE

 photo IMG_1430_zpsc692e168.jpg

We met up in Fairfax early this morning and went for another great DRIVE, this time climbing up Mt. Tamalpais and enjoying a breathtaking view of the whole San Francisco Bay Area before descending again and enjoying the silky smooth surfaces of the Panoramic Highway and Highway 1.  This one was about the scenery and having fun together, there was even at this early hour a fairly high amount of cyclists and traffic along the way so we had to take it easy and just enjoy the views.  It’s a good thing, I think, when at the end of our journey together, the recurring comments are, “when is our next meet?” and “that was it?  I wanted more”. Thanks to everyone who came out.



the view from the top

view of the Pacific

cars lined up

peak parking lot


 photo DSC_3812_zps1e065e23.jpg 86_ZN6
 photo DSC_3808_zps10a20521.jpg Bones36
 photo DSC_3807_zps15ac6f8c.jpg cjymiller
 photo DSC_3806_zps86f89d28.jpg overlookedx
 photo DSC_3805_zpsf3a2b2c5.jpg BigFatFlip
 photo DSC_3809_zpsed6d0260.jpg cjymiller, Bones36, and Simpleviet
 photo DSC_3821_zpsd9ff1ef4.jpg PMok
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Our next 86DRIVE event is this coming Tuesday, when we invade Umigo Gokarting in Livermore at 8PM for some gokart racing action! Check our calendar in the Events page for more information and for further updates on other upcoming events.

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