Photos from 86EXPO 2013 in Las Vegas

photo by Rick (crouchingpinoy)

We’ve just returned from the first ever 86EXPO in Las Vegas and it was just an incredible experience of a lifetime being able to attend this massively successful event.  It’s reported that we had over 100 cars participate in the car show/meet and while we did not stop to count ourselves, we saw an impressive gathering of FR-S and BRZs over the 3 days we were in Las Vegas.  The key highlights of the 86EXPO were an evening of SCCA-sanctioned autocross at the Silverton Casino, a morning meet and car show at Fletcher Jones Toyota Scion, and a beautifully scenic 300-mile cruise through the desert.  And of course between the official events, there is always plenty to do in Las Vegas.  😉  We cruised the Strip — ok maybe we were a little faster than cruising speed 😉 — hung out at pawn shops and Old Las Vegas, went ALL IN at the casino tables, and partied it up in our penthouse suite. NorCal 86 DRIVE and Norcal 86 Owners Club members came out in force to help represent so thank you to everyone who joined us and hope you had as good a time as we did!  I’m still tired and recovering from the trip, averaged maybe 3 hours of sleep each day. I have a bunch of video to review and edit, but for now we have plenty of photos to enjoy!


Cars lined up for the autocross
 photo DSC_3713_zpsb1a39736.jpg

Moto Miwa of Club4AG’s car
 photo DSC_3709_zpseb08465d.jpg

The racing goes on into the night
 photo DSC_3719_zps4a26d505.jpg

Some over-the-top 11/10ths driving (photo courtesy of SoCal Valley 86)
 photo autox-lv-9_zpsd163b1a0.jpg

Stopping by the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, where the TV show Pawn Stars is made
 photo DSC_3731_zps2352e831.jpg

Parking at Fremont Street
 photo DSC_3740_zps56444b40.jpg

The Freaks Come Out at Night
 photo DSC_3743_zpsfcdb01e5.jpg

Fremont Street
 photo DSC_3756_zpsc145f806.jpg

Car show
 photo DSC_3763_zps57539420.jpg

 photo DSC_3765_zpsb40e062b.jpg

 photo DSC_3772_zps24515900.jpg

Cusco USA’s car
 photo DSC_3783_zpse4d53d1e.jpg

Robispec’s Time Attack car
Robispec's supercharged FR-S time attack car photo DSC_3784_zpsa4cbda57.jpg

Innovate’s supercharged FR-S in front of Fletcher Jones Toyota Scion
photo DSC_3793_zps92df027c.jpg

Initial D – style Panda BRZ
 photo null_zps30a50048.jpg

NorCal group lined up
 photo null_zps21ade375.jpg

Cruising the Strip
 photo null_zps877fa497.jpg

Ready to roll
 photo null_zpsb5aa96d2.jpg

Heading home.
 photo null_zps85144487.jpg

Some more photos courtesy of finch1750:
 photo IMG_0727_zps8a57d084.jpg

 photo IMG_0711_zpsa046808e.jpg

 photo IMG_0681_zps0f92da24.jpg
 photo 20130615_501_zps58b7d1a7.jpg

 photo 20130615_498_zps35d0a9b7.jpg

 photo 20130615_460_zpsc19f044b.jpg

 photo 20130615_393_zpsa797cafb.jpg

 photo 20130615_257_zpsbf921bb0.jpg

 photo 20130615_92_zps45089b74.jpg

 photo 20130615_321_zpsa964fc8f.jpg

More photos from bignrichlll:



For even more photos, view the slideshow. Also the NorCal group’s photos on here.

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