More great things coming soon!


It may seem like things have gone quiet since we didn’t have any DRIVE events planned for this weekend, but we do have some more cool stuff for the website and for events planned. Next weekend we’ll be attending the 86EXPO out in Las Vegas and will hopefully have lots of great photos and stories to share from that. And of course more DRIVEs and meets this summer so you can get a chance to win some cool raffle prizes!

In the meantime, a small teaser of something else we have in the works. MyRx and I recently met up with Derek Chu, the owner of a super-clean, beautifully modded Toyota 86 to do a photo shoot and chat about cars. We also got to ride along in the Vortech-supercharged beast and all I can say is, wow it’s FAST. Here is just a small set of photos to whet your appetite, we will have a full detailed gallery of photos and more details on his stunning ride coming soon.



And we hope to continue the awesomeness by continuing to meet with and shoot some of the most amazing cars NorCal has to offer. Check back with us for more updates soon!

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