Calendar and Poll functions added to our site!

Hey guys, we’ve been hard at work tweaking things on the site and now we have a few great functions that will help us keep the community involved in our events.

We’ve got a Calendar front and center on the home page that will link back to a Google Calendar listing any upcoming meets, drives and other events that we plan to attend.  So now you’ve got no excuse to have missed an event or drive because you didn’t know!  If you have any events coming up that you’d like to add the calendar, please send the details to us at  We’re also monitoring things on FT86Club so if anyone posts up a local meet there we’ll try to add it here.

And now that the weather is improving we’ll probably have people on any given weekend who want to go out and DRIVE, so we’ve set up a Poll where you can vote on where the next 86 DRIVE should be!  You can pick up to 3 choices so hopefully we can get some good consensus on where people want to meet.  We’ll try to reset the poll every week to let things work themselves out – please keep in mind it will get boring if we do the same drive every week, so we should try to change things up.  But hopefully that will happen naturally as people pick new roads they want to try.

Thanks for stopping by, we’re still planning more cool things to come!

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