Hello world! Let’s DRIVE!

Welcome to 86DRIVE.com.  We are a group of driving enthusiasts primarily driving the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ sports cars (we’ll refer to them all as 86s for simplicity’s sake).  The 86s are great fun to modify, customize, and talk about.  There are plenty of car clubs who get together and hang out somewhere and just talk about their cars.  That’s all well and good.  But the defining characteristic of our organization, is that we love to DRIVE!  Whether it’s at the racetrack, the local autocross, or our favorite twisty backroad, our passion for driving is so strong that we are eager to wake up early, sometimes before dawn, in order to get out there and enjoy the road while it is clear.  Or to drive long distances to get to a track/autocross.  Our passion motivates us to get together with other like-minded individuals, and share the fun.  And so this website was born.  This site will be our communication channel to share news, upcoming events, and coverage of recent drives.  Please stay tuned for future updates, we are just getting started!

p.s. you’re probably wondering what the latin phrase up top, velox amicitia prima luce means.  It’s basically a reference to our early morning gatherings to DRIVE:  fast friends at dawn.

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2 comments on “Hello world! Let’s DRIVE!
  1. Tom Cheshire says:

    This is where it’s at P. Looking forward to some more drives with you guys. This is Tom with the xB from Castro Valley. I’ll be at Laguna Seca this weekend at the American LeMans race.
    This may be the last time this is a great series to watch as Nascar’s France family is taking over next year, mixing in the Grand Ma series.
    I have been to every American LeMans race at Laguna Seca. By the way, a lot of car clubs arrange car corrals at these events and often get to work in a parade lap on the course. Late now, but maybe for the future.
    Thanks for all your posts on ft86club. It has been fun meeting all you guys. Hope to ride with you all again soon.
    Tom C.

    • PMok says:

      Thanks for dropping by Tom! It’s funny whenever we go on drives and we see an xB around, we ask ourselves, “is that Tom?!” haha.
      I’ve been to one ALMS race at LS and it was great. Yeah I am a little concerned for the future of ALMS/Grand Am racing, feel like it’s going to be somewhat diluted from the great formula that was ALMS. Too bad I can’t make it out to the race this weekend, Mother’s Day weekend and all that.
      But yeah definitely hope to see you at more meets.